Walking On The Line in the 3-to-6 Montessori Classroom

A book of lessons developed to assist the teacher by providing easy to use lessons that expand on the activity known as walking on the line. These lessons allow the child to further develop their physical coordination and control through fun and exciting activities and games.

Don’t pass up this book if you are looking for activities that you can use during group time. These games will keep children involved long after they are introduced.

Review by Sanford Jones:
“Beth Phillips has made a fine contribution to the elaboration of the Practical Life work offered in Montessori training courses.  These extensions are contained in three attractive booklets, with both very specific text, often in conversational fashion, and photographic illustrations.

This booklet gives a very thorough treatment of the basic Walking on the Line exercise, along with many variations, including the kinds of lines, the different ways of using the foot, and various games to prolong interest and give more challenge, which is an aid to concentration. The variety of experiences that Ms. Phillips includes also gives extensive language practice with the noun family (names of objects being carried), the verb family (the modes, speeds and rhythms being experienced), prepositions (walking around the rug, walking toward the center mark) and conjunctions (bringing more than one object on a tray to carry).  The games will be irresistible to the children, especially to those who need practice in coordination and balance, who need to improve their focus and concentration, and who need to calm down both mentally and physically.”

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coil binding, black and white interior ink
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