The Silence Game 
In the 3-6 Montessori Classroom

A book of lessons developed to assist the teacher by providing easy to use lessons and games that assist the child in developing better impulse control, concentration and focus. There are games that provide curriculum centered activities,and directed visualization themes that encourage the development of the imagination.

This book is a must have for those teachers that are looking for normalization in their classrooms.

Review by Sanford Jones:
“Beth Phillips has made a fine contribution to the elaboration of the Practical Life work offered in Montessori training courses.  These extensions are contained in three attractive booklets, with both very specific text, often in conversational fashion, and photographic illustrations.

In this volume, Ms. Phillips takes the basic idea of stillness and silence, as experienced in the traditional Silence Game, and then elaborates on the focus of the mind being held on one of the senses: sound, sight, touch, taste and smell, during the stillness and silence.  There are games to hone each sense, build the child’s vocabulary, and aid in the development of both memory and imagination. All of these experiences build up to the possibility of a more meaningful experience for the child while listening to a story. 

Practice of imagining and describing various sensory impressions contained in the earlier games gives the child a reservoir of language and sensory impressions upon which to create the story in the mind.”

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coil binding, black and white interior ink
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