Grace & Courtesy in the 3-to-6 Montessori Classroom


A book of lessons developed to assist the teacher by providing easy to use lessons on social manners and the understanding of our emotional needs. These lessons range from the everyday manners used in our day to day life to activities that help children identify and understand their emotions. There are lessons on how to enter into a conversation politely, giving and accepting an apology and conflict resolution.

If you are looking for lessons to help with your classroom management this is the book for you.

Read review by Sanford Jones
“Beth Phillips has made a fine contribution to the elaboration of the Practical Life work offered in Montessori training courses.  These extensions are contained in three attractive booklets, with both very specific text, often in conversational fashion, and photographic illustrations.

Grace & Courtesy contains a number of exercises in the area of Social Relations, with very specific suggestions on the presentations of the lessons, often in conversational fashion, e. g.,  how to greet someone, how to interrupt a conversation, and how to respect the work of others.  Ms. Phillips has extended the basic framework of Grace and Courtesy to include conflict resolution, with suggestions on repairing a relationship that has been damaged and also handling one’s own feelings after an altercation.  I found the examples that are given of specific language to be used by the teacher in these situations to be very helpful.”

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